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About Us

After working in the engineering/technology field for over two decades, we realized that there was a huge amount of energy-saving technology out there that could be of great benefit to the average person.  Unfortunately, most people are either unaware of this, do not know where to get them, or cannot afford to buy them, because they are so pricey.  They end up using the same old technology – such as flashlights that use “single-use” batteries that need to be constantly replaced, then dumped into landfills.  These are not only expensive, but also not good for the environment.

We would like to change this.  Instead of using regular batteries, it would be so much cheaper and better for the environment if rechargeable batteries were used – batteries that can be recharged over and over, using not just the electricity in your home, but free solar energy.  As an example, why buy a flashlight that can be used just as a flashlight, when you can buy a multi-function gadget that can be used as a flashlight, lantern, phone charger and emergency flasher?

In the US and most other parts of the world, electricity can consume a large part of a household’s monthly budget.  Today’s LED lights use a fraction of the electricity, and last a lot longer than incandescent or fluorescent lights.  This is why the lamps we offer are all LED, and typically multi-voltage, ranging from 110V to 240V.

Our goal is to help people save money and conserve our natural resources, while preserving our environment at the same time.